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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Chez.Kito.Kat Records: Kit Sounds Eight

Montreal indie label, Chez.Kito.Kat Records is celebrating their twelfth birthday by giving everyone a gift. Kit Sounds Eight is the 8th edition of their compilation series and is available as a free download on Bandcamp. The album features seventeen of the label's artists and ranges from analog techno to psychedelic rock, ambient, breakbeat, experimental and electronica. This is a great way to grab over an hour and a half of music from this fine indie label and is a definite must have. Stream and download Kit Sounds Eight at the link below.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Yellow6: Reflect

British guitarist and Silber Records artist, Jon Attwood, has been making pristine instrumental music under his Yellow6 moniker for 20 years. To mark this milestone, he brings us a truly epic work, the 5 CD set, Reflect. This massive artistic undertaking is all new music and stands as a testament to a guitarist that rises above mere genre and stylistic formats to create music of superlative depth and sublime beauty. It is almost unfathomable to try and conceptualize the sheer magnitude of an undertaking, that is surely the artistic equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest. What the listener will find in this gigantic compendium, is an incredible array of instrumental chops, an inspired sense of composition and arrangement, crisp production and an abundance of damn fine music. This collection is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Reflect at the link below.

Burner: Burner

After releasing the devastating single, PSA, in December, Toronto punks Burner are back with their S/T debut EP. The seven tracks are thrash aristocracy, showcasing the band's hardcore roots. This is music that accepts no bounds and takes no prisoners. Punk is meant to challenge and Burner is the school bully kicking the arse of all the lame pussy pop in its territory. You'll get enough edge to slit tires, the kind of rawness that will make your parents worry and all of the attitude that gives full authenticity to the punk aesthetic. A definite must have. Stream and by Burner at the link below.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Luka Fisher: Internecine Vampires & Konbanwa: Live Flaying


Our friends at North Carolina's Silber Records bring us two new EP releases, Internecine Vampires, the latest EP by Luka Fisher and Live Flaying, by Konbanwa. The five tracks on Internecine Vampires continue Fisher's penchant for dense freeform ambient music. Combining melodic drones, with dark sonic imagery, dissonant passages and bits of noisy shading, Fisher again pushes the boundaries of ambient forms. On Live Flaying, Konbanwa, aka Rowland Yeargan, delivers an extended 22 minute work employing a wide selection of instruments, synths and textures to develop a piece that spans the world with an ambience and drone persona of originality and uniqueness. Silber continues to be the leading purveyor of experimental music and we look forward to continued releases from this fine label as we move into this new year. Stream and buy Internecine Vampires and Live Flaying at the links below.

Box of Moxie: Hatteras Surf Buzz

Hatteras Surf Buzz is the fourth single since November from Virginia based Box of Moxie. Once again the group underwhelms by releasing their fourth lackluster track as a single. We have to wonder if they even know what a single is, or if their raison d'etre is just to make lame forgettable music? In truth this track is better than the previous three, the music is nice and actually seems to work with the vocals, which at best are an acquired taste. However, the song itself is terrible. It's poorly written, lacking any vestiges of songcraft or interesting lyrical content. At this point all we can hope for is that a bolt of lightning strikes them and they emerge with newfound savant abilities. Stream and buy Hatteras Surf Buzz at the link below.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Rod Gilstrap: Cavalier

Cavalier is the sophomore album from Wyoming based singer/songwriter Rod Gilstrap. the eight tracks are superlative Americana. The songs are well written, though overly cliched, well played and well performed. That said, the album is very hard to listen to. The vocals are so loud and harshly EQ'd in comparison to the rest of the each track, that the overall effect leaves the tracks almost painful to listen to. This is a very good record totally compromised by bad production. Sometimes an artist needs a producer to save them from their own egos by simply telling them to turn the vocals down. We hope there are a trained set of ears in the room on this artist's next release. He is too good to be consigned to obscurity by lack of production taste. Stream and buy Cavalier at the link below.

Luke De-Sciscio: Love

Love is the latest album from UK singer/songwriter Luke De-Sciscio. The seven tracks are a modern take on the folk music one would have expected to find in Greenwich Village in the 60s. The music is minimalist featuring guitar, piano and the occasional percussion. With two extended tracks , De-Sciscio explores subjects with literary flair and personal intimate messages. The album is edgier than one would expect for the genre and the music has an engaging aesthetic, that draws you into the songs and the depth of their messages. this is an altogether strong record, with surprising elements and a compelling persona. Stream and buy Love at the link below.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

David McFarlane: Fieldwork

After an eight year wait, Toronto singer/songwriter David McFarlane has released his sophomore album Fieldwork. The eleven tracks are engaging folkrock, with plenty of fuzz, nice arrangements and some towering harmonies. The production has a bit of a lofi feel, which at times comes across as overly harsh. There's plenty of dynamic variety and the whole album works, though with such a long span between releases, one would expect something truly great, which this album is not. The biggest question then becomes, is this artist credible given the eight years between albums. This would be an overly long hiatus for an established artist, but for an indie artist with only one previous release, it calls into question whether one should invest in engaging with the artist if no new music will be forthcoming in a timely manner. We appreciate any artist's need to see their musical vision realized, but with the sheer amount of artists struggling to be heard, one must question whether the music press should devote any of its limited space to an artist with such a gap in releases. Stream and buy Fieldwork at the link below.

Bottle Next: Bonus & B-Sides

French band Bottle next have released Bonus & B-Sides, the followup EP to their 2014 EP and January 2017 debut album. The first thing that comes to mind, is that if all you can manage to release in 4 years is an EP and an album, you should come with your best new material, not rebrand the stuff that didn't make it to the album. This EP is what one would expect under those circumstances, a lack luster affair full of dated hard rock.  The six tracks are bar band fare, offering nothing original or engaging. Stream and buy Bonus & B-Sides at the link below.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Beauty In Chaos: 20th Century Boy Video

On December 11th, we brought you the review of Finding Beauty In Chaos, Ministry's Al Jourgensen's new album as Beauty In Chaos. Now we have a video for album track 20th Century Boy. Watch it below.