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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

Today we have another installment of the Digster Wednesday Playlists, with their Sleep Playlists. Quell your insomniac nights with the Peaceful Sleep playlist, 72 songs guaranteed to get you drifting off to la la land. Then there's Digster Sleep, 8 hours of chill music to sooth your over active mind. Or try Wind Down Songs, where you'll find 100 tracks tracks to make even the most over active psyche slow down to a crawl. Try these and all the other Digster Sleep playlists at the link below.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Flesh Eating Foundation: We Are Fucked

UK based electro punks Flesh Eating Foundation are back with their new delicately titled album, We Are Fucked. The ten tracks are hard edged punk from an electronic rather than guitar basis. The album is in your face with a pair of brass knuckles lyrically and musically there is plenty of industrial and noise touches to slice through the dark synths. This is an extremely imaginative and original take on the punk ethos. Lock yourself in your room, turn this up to vegetative state and give your parents the worry they deserve. Stream and buy We Are Fucked at the link below.

The Claudettes: Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium

Chicago band The Claudettes have released their new album Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium. The twelve tracks deliver a rocking version of urban blues, that is stylish and sultry. Frontwoman Berit Ulseth wows with vocals as smooth as a chocolate shake, backed by classy piano work from Johnny Iguana (Junior Wells, Otis Rush) and the tight rhythm section of Zach Verdoorn on bass and Matt Torre on drums. The band colors it's sound with some heavy rock and jazzy touches, to create an album as strong as the Chicago winter. This is a must have. Watch the video for album track Don't Stay With me, then stream and buy Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium at the link below.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Palm Ghosts: Love In Winter

Love In Winter is the new single from Nashville based Palm Ghosts. The track is stylish dream pop, with plenty of twangy guitar lines, interesting synth pads and a nice doubled male/female vocal. The song has a Duran Duran type of instrumental vibe and the whole thing makes you move. Good individual tracks are nice for what they are, but always leave us wanting to hear a proper EP or album and we'd surely like to have more from Palm Ghosts. Stream and buy Love In Winter at the link below.

The Bordellos: Debt Sounds

Regular readers of this blog know that The Bordellos are never out of mind for very long. Their new album Debt Sounds sees them teaming up with one of our favorite UK indie labels, Small Bear records. The seventeen tracks, originally recorded in 2008 but not released by their label, see the band getting back to basics, recording on 4 tracks with no overdubs. What you get then is classic Bordellos edginess, stripped to its bare essence of smart, catchy songs, that recall an era where simple UK music ruled and pretense was nonexistent. This is an absolute must have for everyone's Bordellos collection. Stream and buy Debt Sounds at the link below.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Moonshine Booze: Desert Road

Desert Road is the debut album from Italian band Moonshine Booze on Seahorse Recordings. The fourteen tracks rock, the way rock is supposed to, wrapping itself around all the influences that made what we call rock. On this album you'll get a diverse record that incorporates, blues, rockabilly, 50's, 60's, 70's, R&B and is also thoroughly modern and adventurous. With every turn, the album is unexpected and infectious, with loads of twang, heavy rhythm sections and catchy licks, both vocally and instrumentally. Calling this record a must have would be an understatement; this is a record to listen to over and over, till you start to understand just how complex and imaginative it really is. Watch the video for album track The Place, then stream and buy Desert Road at the link below.

System Corporation: Apathy Is Easy

Apathy Is Easy is the new single from New Zealand band System Corporation. This track is a ravishing look at how great contemporary indie rock can be. With a vibe that expertly recalls the heady days of Ultravox, the band delivers a single track that is as alluring as modern music gets. However, therein lies the rub. The track is aptly titled, with an unintentional nod to the band's own musical identity, where they released one single track in April 2017 and now a year later, we have another single track. Given that this is a side project for some of the band, the lack of more than two singles a year apart could be explained away, but for the fact the music is unimaginably good. This then does a disservice to listeners, who should rightly want more, but have to live with a meager output from the band for which apathy is easy. Stream and buy Apathy Is Easy at the link below.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

T.C. Crosser: The Book of Arius

NYC based composer/producer T.C. Crosser has released his new album, The Book of Arius. The former San Fancisco punk band producer, takes a stunning new direction with a four movement concept piece for stringed quartet. The album is weaves a musical narrative about three distinct points in Crosser's life: an abusive rural Iowa childhood; coming out as gay while in the Navy; and finally leaving an abusive relationship in the bay area and moving to New York. The four pieces are accomplished, sensitive and sublimely beautiful. The crisp production saw the recorded string quartet processed through a range of guitar amps and pedals. This is a highly original, superlatively imaginative and totally engrossing work that is an absolute must have. Stream and buy The Book of Arius at the link below.

Azalia Snail: Neon Resistance

Neon Resistance is the new album from indie pop chanteuse Azalia Snail, on our favorite North Carolina label Silber Records. The twelve tracks have crisp beats, noisy flourishes and intoxicating headiness. Lyrically smart, with sleek arrangements and experimental touches, this is not your usual banal pop music, but rather is restless, enticing and imaginative. Everything we expect from Silber releases. This is an album that takes retro influences and serves them up in a thoroughly modern package. This is a must have. Watch the video for album track Field Rep, then stream and buy Neon Resistance at the link below.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

This week's Digster Wednesday Playlists features their Rock/Metal Playlists. Start of with the History of J-Rock, 47 songs that are rocking the Budokan. Then try the Pop Punk playlists for 3 hours of everything that's emo and edgy on the radio. There's the Greatest Bass Players, 50 tracks that put your subwoofer to the test, or check out Rock Run Down, three hours of the latest hits to keep you up on what's setting the pace. Try these and all the Digster Rock/Metal Playlists at the link below.