Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Pocket Rockets: The Pocket Rockets

The Pocket Rockets cover art
L.A. band The Pocket Rockets have released their self-titled sophomore EP.  Packed with five killer tracks, this dynamic band does raw and polished together in a tight mix of expertly crafted indie rock radio gems. The stand out single MDNGHT has everything a track should, a huge sound, rollicking instrumental work and pristine vocals. Just a matter of time before this band gets picked up. Perfect tracks for Sirius XMU, Julia, Jenny, Jake, anybody listening. (Why do all their people's names start with J?) Stream and buy The Pocket Rockets at the link below.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We have expressed it here before on the blog, that when it comes to punk, sometimes the planets just align. Such is the case today on FZB, as we give you Leer, with by itself, punk band name perfection. Next there is the title of  their third EP, SPRINGBREAKNOPARENTS. I mean come on, you have to like an EP titled SPRINGBREAKNOPARENTS before you even f**king hear it, right. Next there's the music on the EP itself. Varied, melodic, hard edged, doomsday heavy to sweet and silky, all the while possessed by cut throat vocals and shredding guitar. Post-punk perfection. Stream and download SPRINGBREAKNOPARENTS at the link below.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


SP001 Skiing / Classic Muscle cover art
Berlin based label Spati Palace has become the showcase for some fine emerging Berlin bands. Now with the label's first ever vinyl release, we are treated to a couple of the best. Skiing and Classic Muscle serve up two stand out singles. Skiing making lush, dreamy, melodic indie rock, with crisp harmonies and lush guitar lines, contrasting Classic Muscle's lo-fi, garage inspired use of all the same elements. Great record! Stream and buy the digital 7" or better yet the vinyl at the link below.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Camilla Sparksss: For You The Wild

For You The Wild (April 2014) cover art
Longtime FZB favorite Camilla Sparksss is back with a stunning new album, For You The Wild. Camilla Sparksss is the alter ego of Barbara Lehnhoff and whether in this guise, or as a member of longtime FZB favorite Peter Kernel, Lehnhoff makes adventurous electropop that draws from the genre's full heritage while still exploring new sonic ground. Raw, industrial, minimal, huge, in you face, oh yeah. Just clearly one of the best artists in the genre. As always with Camilla Sparkss a complete must have. Stream and buy For You The Wild at the link below.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Adelaida: Monolito

Monolito cover art
Monolito is the debut album from Chilean band Adelaida. The 10 tracks are a shoegaze soundfest, filled with darkish overtones and nice post-punk flourishes. The trio have crafted cool guitar sounds, atmospheric vocals and strong dynamic range. This album has a sound that seems to draw one in and never wants for a means to hold ones attention. It's like discovering GBV for the first time all over again. This is a must have. Stream and Monolito at the link below.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Narrow Head: Far Removed

Far Removed cover art
Far Removed is the debut EP from Dallas based alt rock band, Narrow Head. The five tracks take alt rock formula song styles and marries them with metal instrumentation and lonesome vocals. The effect is an EP that is strong on cliché sounds, but lacking in originality. The EP works everywhere, with nice dynamic swings, interesting guitar lines and solid vocal performances. The one problem is that we've heard it all before, many, many times before. The state of alt rock is one of stagnation, where bands stay firmly in formula and have forgotten that art is about taking chances. Stream and buy Far Removed at the link below.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Neon Lights: Late

LATE cover art
Late is the new album from Spanish dreampop band Neon Lights. The nine tracks show influences from Joy Division to The Cure. Dark, introspective and brooding, Late takes us into the night where something is lurking just out of the corner of one's eye. The band of Javi Nieto, Diego Monreal, Edu Méndez, Manuel Villalba and Dani Nieto explore musical specters that enlighten with shades of grey that brings the music to the forefront of one's consciousness. Stream and download Late at the link below.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WHOOP-Szo: Pt. 1 Qallunaat & Pt.2 Odemin

Pt. 1 - Qallunaat cover art
Canadian band Whoop-Szo have released a two album concept work that features the band's collaboration with Inuit youth from the Northern Village of Salluit Quebec, The concept found the band bringing the recording process to just below the artic circle, where even  a broken string presents unique challenges to the recording process. Whoop-Szo have crafted two LP's that defy description, stand on their own musically and at the same time present a band that goes above an beyond for their art. Stream and buy Qallunaat and Odemin at the links below.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Creepoid: Creepoid

CREEPOID cover art
FZB favorite, Philadelphia based Creepoid are back with their self-titled third release. The album delivers eleven tracks of dark, powerful shoegaze anthems. In the four years since their first release, Creepoid have grown and matured as a band. This new album sees them fully developed into a songwriting powerhouse, that crafts tracks into showcases for the instrumental and vocal depth the band possesses. Creepoid are a band that is on the verge of breaking out to wider recognition. Get on the bandwagon now. Stream and buy Creepoid at the link below.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Kristy and the Kranks: Kristy and the Kranks

Kristy And The Kraks cover art
Vienna based Totally Wired Records brings us the self-titled debut EP from Kristy and the Kranks. Available as a limited edition 7" as well as a digital download, the 4 tracks are a Le Tigre/Julie Ruin inspired set of minimalist art punk. Raw, pouty and fun, this is the type of 60's retro girl punk that always works. Stream and buy Kristy and the Kranks at the link below.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bad Blocks: Weekday EP

Weekday EP cover art
Our friends at Stars & Letters Records in Brooklyn have become the go to U.S. label for great overlooked and under supported New Zealand artists. Label chief Mark Roberts made valuable connections during university there and we are all the recipients of a stunning selection of artists. Now we have Bad Blocks and their debut EP Weekday. Stars & Letters are re-releasing Bad Blocks' debut EP eighteen months after the fact, giving the band the kind of PR support and label backing that builds an audience and a career. Originally, the EP was self-released by the band on Bandcamp late in 2012 (when Bad Blocks were still called South City Sushi Cop).  The music is great, the concept is great and Stars & Letters continue to show how a small indie label can make a difference. Stream and buy the Weekday EP at the link below.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wrong Body: Big

BIG cover art
Big is the debut album from Boston post-punk outfit Wrong Body. The ten tracks share stylistic ground with bands like Nada Surf and Casket Lottery. Raw and intense, the album retains an urgency to the music all the way through and never fails to propel one to new heights of rock ecstasy. The band of Andy Szymcik, Bryan Mastergreorge, More Crooning, Steve Delany and Jonathan Hislop have taken the 90's DC post-punk sound and pulled it into the future with a masterful album. Stream and buy Big at the link below.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter: The Feel Bad Hit Of The Wiinter

The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter cover art
Today marks the release of the self-titled debut EP from Kansas City garage rockers, The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter. The 6 tracks are marked by a penchant for compelling guitar sounds, masterful bass lines and dynamic drums. The songs are poignant post-punk tales featuring lonesome vocals and intimate themes. The trio of Ryan Leip, Richard Stone and Freddy Aquirre have crafted an EP brimming with organic noise, lo-fi cred and tight, well blended yet individually distinct musicianship. Stream and buy The Feel Bad Hit Of The Winter at the link below.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Walrus: Glam Returns

Glam Returns cover art
Glam Returns is the debut EP from Halifax band Walrus. The four tracks are a rollicking jog through some great psychedelic, shoegazy indie pop. With some interesting tempo changes, enough jangle to satisfy a set of spurs and atmospheric vocals ala Foxygen or Ariel Pink, this EP is a winner.  Available as a C-40 cassette or digital download, this EP is a must have. Stream and buy Glam Returns at the link below.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Action Camp: PA

PA (pre-order) cover art
With there 2nd full length album PA, FZB favorites Action Camp, mark their third time featured on this blog...and with good reason. The Pittsburg based duo of Maura Jacob and Bengt Alexsander deliver dark, sensual pop music that transcends into anthemic glory. Perfectly crafted mini-symphonies with immense instrumental walls mastered only by vocals that at times are so delicate as to crumble at the touch and then soar to such heights as to call out as subservient, the towering walls of sound. Action Camp continue to be some of the best there is in emerging music. Stream and buy PA at the link below.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Floorshime Zipper Boots' Third Birthday

Today marks FZB's 3rd Birthday. In our three years we have published over 900 reviews, interviews, streaming videos, special features and Op-Ed pieces. We will continue to bring you the best in emerging artists. Thank you for your support!

Mothers: Panamanian Times & Phonoscenes: The Relative

Panamanian Times cover artThe Relative cover art
Last week saw the release of two new records from our friends at Brooklyn collective Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen.

The first is Panamanian Times, the debut full length from post-punk outfit Mothers. The trio of Ben Wallin, Burke Williams and Dylan Ettlinger. make no holds barred, in your face rock, that is not afraid to have melodic qualities and sensual noise. If you like Cloud Nothings, then check out Mothers. You will not be disappointed.
The second release is The Relative, the debut EP from Phonoscenes. The four tracks take a cleaner approach to indie rock that features strong vocals, nice riffy guitars and a very sold rhythm section. Nice dynamic changes and imaginative lyrics make for a thoroughly fine record. The band of Cameron Erdogan, Spencer Cunningham,  Daniel Girma, Jacob Sunshine and  Isaac Bunch show us that you can be polished while retaining your edge. Stream and download Panamanian Times and The Relative at the links below.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cassie: Old Light

Old Light cover art
The end of February saw the release of Old Light, the new EP from Finish post-rock band Cassie. A long time FZB favorite (first featured here in June, 2011), Cassie are a bit of an enigma. A band capable of superlative beauty, splendid songwriting, crisp production and soaring vocals. At the same time the band has struggled with wider recognition. Their name, of course, is most commonly associated with the Billboard topping R&B/hip-hop artist and their recorded output is minimal. The band has managed to release only a meer 11 tracks, spread over three years and three different releases, making it difficult to build an international audience. Cassie is a great band, with great music, who seems destined to be a spark of light in the middle of a dense forest. Find the light. Watch the video for the title track and then stream and download Old Light at the link below.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fixing Bayonets: Bloom.Sunset.Horizon

Bloom.Sunset.Horizon cover art
Today marks the release of Bloom.Sunset.Horizon, the debut EP from L.A. indie rockers Fixing Bayonets. The five tracks have a slight noise/lo-fi wash to them and feature heavy guitars, with reverb drenched vocals. The EP has a feel akin to Joy Division, heavy but laid back, driven but understated, yielding a nice post-punk vibe to the EP, though it also yields a subdued energy in the tracks.. This is a worthy debut that will make a good addition to anyone's record collection. Stream and download Bloom.Sunset.Horizon at the link below.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Teenage Exorcists: Teenage Exorcists

Teenage Exorcists cover art
Teenage Exorcists is the self-titled debut EP from Riverside, CA indie rockers. The five tracks were produced by Mark Rains (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Neon Trees) and  are distinguished by the marriage of melodic vocals and tight harmonies, with a heavy SoCal garage, lo-fi feel.  This is an EP that is loaded with energy, well written pop songs and a great vibe. Stream and download Teenage Exorcists at the link below.