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Friday, June 15, 2018

NBTMusic Radio: Comets, Karma And Radicals Compilation

Here at FZB there is one internet radio station that is miles above the rest, NBTMusic Radio, curated by the irrepressible Martin. Now we can tell you that publishing a daily music blog is hard work, but that's nothing compared to running a radio station. NBT gives play to the length and breadth of the indie music community and is an indispensable place to hear all that is new and wonderful in emerging music. This new compilation, released to help fund station operations, is as good as it gets. With tracks by sixteen different artists that span the range of genres and styles that make emerging music great, NBTMusic Radio stands out as the premier purveyor of all this wonderful music. So you have only one mission, stick a crowbar in your wallet and pry out enough money to buy this compilation and keep NBTMusic radio on the air for a long time to come. The music you save may be your own. Stream and buy the Comets, Karma And Radicals Compilation at the link below. By the way, you can also support NBT by a monthly donation through Patreon like we do.

Gonzales Agreda / Pereira Spurr: Sudamérica Electro​-​Underground

Uruguayan musicians Wilder Gonzales Agreda and Gabriel Pereira Spurr have released the album Sudamérica Electro​-​Underground on Peruvian label Superspace Records. The three extended tracks are dark, spritely ambient music. Sounds right out of a video game or thriller video. Challenging to listen too and a bit of a discordant edge. Original and experimental, for those that seek a more unique musical experience. Stream and buy Sudamérica Electro​-​Underground.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Spray: Anthologized By Cherry Red

Synthpop auteurs Spray are back with their first full length in ten years. To call the album a monster would be an understatement of galactic proportions. From the title track's original hook to the infectious beats, the style and songwriting prowess, this album is a pop triumph that should be celebrated with the best of Human League, Lori Anderson and other leaders of electronica. This is a record that is inventive, totally compelling and totally engaging; an absolute must have. Watch the video for title track Anthologized By Cherry Red, then stream and buy Anthologized By Cherry Red at the link below.

Chickn: Wowsers

Wowsers is the sophomore album from Greek novelty rock band Chickn, on Inner Ear records. The nine tracks are bombastic, theatrical rock, with elements of Queen meets KISS meets The New Pornagraphers. A huge sound, pretentious and cliched at times, innovative and interesting at others. The album as a whole is a bit of a stretch to engage with due to the stylistic cacophony. Challenging and exasperatingly charming, this should be on everyone's player to check out. Stream and buy Wowsers at the blink below.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Nova Flares: Nova Flares

Kentucky based Nova Flares, aka Jason Wagers, is back with a full EP on the heals of his single Gut Splinter. The five tracks are nice melodic guitar pieces that are perfect background music for any number of activities. Therein lies the rub, this type of instrumental indie rock will always be background music. The songs are solid and with lyrics and vocals, could be made into something great. As it is, an unfinished after thought is the fate of this EP.  Stream and buy Nova Flares at the link below.

Quiet As A Mouse: Is It Funny When It Hurts

Is It Funny When It Hurts is the new album and seventh from Edinburgh based Quiet As A Mouse. The eleven tracks are a nice mix of styles and influences, yielding an album that will satisfy fans of alt-rock, post-punk and indie. The songs are catchy, the instrumental parts are skillful and the vocals are engaging. There is a bit of a lack of energy and edge, as it all seems a little too polished and practiced. That said, this is a band at the height of their powers and the album is solid through and through. Stream and buy Is It Funny When It Hurts at the link below.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The King Moses: Another Plastic Sunday

Italian indie rock band The King Moses have released their debut album, Another Plastic Sunday. The thirteen tracks are hard edged rock, with touches of post punk, EMO and alt-rock.. The album has a familiar sound without being overly derivative. The songs are nicely arranged, but the production is lacking, with a bit of a muddled sound instrumentally and the drums especially seem to have no body. Musically it's all there and leaves one wishing there was a bit more clarity to the tracks. A good solid debut from a band that shows promise. Watch the video for album track Matilda, then stream and buy Another Plastic Sunday at the link below.

Kira May: Sense

Sense is the new album from Toronto singer/songwriter Kira May. The ten tracks are tight and alluring, with both musical and lyrical depth. The songs deal with themes such as emotional sensitivity, over stimulation, panic and depression. The album features highly original arrangements, interesting synth pads and May's stunning vocals, which show a seasoned sense of phrasing, delicate timber and full rich sound. This is an album that scores high with engaging music and compelling themes. It is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Sense at the link below.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Wild Animals: The Hoax

The Hoax is the sophomore album from Wild Animals on Barcelona based indie label BCore Disc. The ten tracks have a heavy retro alt-rock sound drawing from bands such as Panic At The Disco, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. The tracks are very derivative, formulaic and radio ready, with a sound that has been heard many times before. The album is solid, well played and well produced. If you like your music usual and commercial, this is the record for you. Stream and buy The Hoax at the link below.

Century Thief: Death Beneath The Waves

Death Beneath The Waves is the latest EP from Toronto based Century Thief. The three tracks are an interesting mix of styles, sort of a cross between Real Estate and Chicago; yes that is a stretch. The music is original, deep and a bit uneven. The EP is nice enough, well written and well performed, but at the same time is not catchy and lacks energy. Comes across to us as a band that can't settle on a style of their own, so they've thrown in everything they like. Just not much to grab hold of here. Stream and buy Death Beneath The Waves at the link below.