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Friday, February 16, 2018

Date Month Year: March

March is the latest in a long line of singles from New Zealand band Date Month Year. The track features tight harmonies in a catchy pop assemblage of stylish indie rock. With a stunning vocals lead and strong guitar drive, this is a single that will keep your head in the game and leave you wanting a proper album release to satiate your desires. Stream and buy March at the link below.

Mary and The Ram: The Cross

UK duo Mary and The Ram, aka Kiran Tanna and Dom Smith, have released their debut single The Cross b/w The Dream. The two tracks are produced by the legendary John Fryer (NIN, Depeche Mode), and have a dark sinister feel, where one expects to encounter devilish images in a sex drenched haze of abandon. Having an industrial sheen and ample amounts of originality, the songs play out as theatrical poems across the cerebral senses. Heavy, commanding and intense, these tracks are a must have. Stream and buy The Cross at the link below.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kudzu: Defeated

Defeated is the sophomore release from Springfield, Missouri based duo Kudzu, aka Seth Goodwin and Mark Gillenwaters. The nine tracks are razor sharp post-punk hewn from the like of Gang of Four, Public Image Ltd. and FZB favorites, The KVB. Dark and noisy, with a ferocious sound that pushes one to the edge of the cliff, only to be pulled back at the last minute. This is music that compels attention, demands volume and impresses thoroughly. Just a damn fine record and a must have. Stream and buy Defeated at the link below.

Roaming Herds of Buffalo: The Bugbears

Seattle indie rock masters Roaming Herds of Buffalo have released their fifth album, The Bugbears. The eight tracks are skillfully crafted post-punk gems that will satisfy the most jaded rockophile. The album is full of imaginative songs, where tasty licks propel the listener through an album that is as engaging as a stalker girlfriend, with its dark, edgy, fuzzed out goodness. Seattle continues to develop fine bands in its incubator and Roaming Herds of Buffalo continue to deliver. Stream and buy The Bugbears at the link below.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Digster Wednesday Playlists

Here we are at another session of the Digster Wednesday Playlists. Today we've got something completely different for the adventurous souls out there with Digster's South Africa Playlists. Take a musical journey to Johannesburg with the Hits playlist and find out what's hot with the hip Afrikaners through 63 of the most happening tunes. Then there's Dancefloor, over three hours of music to give you a night out at the tip of the continent; or try the new Music Friday playlists to see what's trending where the surfing is good and the sharks are huge. Try all the Digster South Africa Playlists at the link below.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Telescopes: Stone Tape

Shoegaze legends, The Telescopes have released Stoned Tape, their new concept album via underground publishing house Yard Press. The six tracks conceptualize the obscure Stone Tape Theory; where inanimate objects are believed to be able to absorb energy from living beings and then release this energy during times of emotional upheaval or traumatic events. The album is dark and hazy, with a sense of foreboding, cutting through atmospheric vocals, sinister voiced guitars and well placed noise. The album evokes a deep vibe where the listener is enveloped in a dense, immersive sonic experience. Watch the video for album track Everything Must Be, then stream and buy Stone Tape at the link below.

Andy K. Leland: Mr. Panic Video

Back in October we reviewed Happy Daze, the debut EP from Andy K. Leland, aka ex My Cruel Goro bassist and songwriter Andrea Marcellini. Check out the review here. Now, we are pleased to share an enjoyable video for the EP track Mr. Panic. Watch it below.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Omhouse: Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye is the debut full length from Toronto based indie rock band Omhouse. The ten tracks are stunning examples of just how good a debut album can be. What one will find are imaginative arrangements, with nice time changes and instrumental shading. This is an album that is strong in every aspect, from start to finish. The vocals are engaging, the guitar playing is masterful, the rhythm section is tight and the production is crisp. Very rarely does a band come along that manages to put it all together so effectively. Destined to be one of our favorite albums of the year, this is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Eye to Eye at the link below.

Dawn Of 7th Sky: New Horizon

French post-hardcore band Dawn Of 7th Sky have released a two track single, New Horizon b/w Frozen. The tracks are supremely heavy attacks on the pop senses, in a similar vein to Evanescence. With lilting pop passages punctuated by metal interludes and towering lead guitar lines, the atmospheric vocals take on a tense, dark sonic vibe. Beautiful and foreboding, this is a band that dares to push the boundaries of pop with a brutal precision. Stream and buy New Horizon at the link below.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Mis+Ress: Miss+Ress

New Jersey artist producer Mis+Ress, aka Brian Wenckebach, has released his debut S/T album. The ten tracks are deep, luxurious waves of melodic ambient guitar. Created with a single guitar and an array of effects pedals, the album showcases a musician and producer creating complex simplicity, melodic drones and a vibrant sonic experience. However, the $1,000 minimum price to download the album, does give one pause as to why the artist does not want the music downloaded. Is this a valid tool to encourage buying cassettes and CDs, or an artistic ego struggling for supremacy in a world where music mainly exists on a smart phone. Stream and buy Mis+Ress at the link below.