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Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Room In The Wood: Magical Thinking EP

The Room in the Wood have released their debut Magical Thinking EP. The three tracks recall the era of prog rock bands like King Crimson, but with their own unique originality. This is music that goes from Bohemian folk to mystical rock vibes effortlessly. At the same time, this is a hard record to class or relate to in terms of modern music. It seems to inhabit a nether region of musical theatrics, eschewing any recognizable genre, lacking a commercial swing or captivating presence. This is adventurous music for those that like art for art's sake and will hold an allure for those that like to venture into unknown waters. Watch the video for the title track then stream and buy the Magical Thinking EP at the link below.

For Esme: Righteous Woman

Righteous Woman is the third album from Toronto synthpop artist For Esme. The ten tracks recall artists like Chvrches, less repetitive stylistically than Purity Ring and less tritely commercial pop than Grimes. The songs speak to the personal struggle of women and deliver the music with a smart vibe catchy arrangements, with the weak hooks enhancing the overall message and affect of the songs. With a captivating sonic presence and interesting lyrical and musical depth this is an album that will stay on repeat. Stream and buy Righteous Woman at the link below.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Circus worlD: The Dandelion Radio Session EP

Isle of Man indie rock auteurs Circus worlD are back with their Dandelion Radio Session EP. After twenty years together, the duo took advantage of an invitation to record a Dandelion Radio session to revisit some of their older material and introduce it to a new audience. The six tracks showcase the band's compelling take on post-punk, with an edgy melodic bent and lyrics of depth and emotion, all coupled with accomplished rock arrangements. Mark Sayle and the prolific Mikie Daugherty continue to turn out music for the ages. Stream and buy The Dandelion Radio SessionEP at the link below.

Lusterlit: You Were Never Really Here

Brooklyn literary art rock duo Lusterlit are back with a new two track EP, You Were Never Really Here, inspired by Johnathan Ames' new film of the same name. The two tracks are dark, deep post punk, blending a Joy Division vibe with a denser, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark sheen. Lusterlit continue to be a FZB favorites with their, original and unique take on rock. Eschewing formula and commercialism, they chart new ground and expand the genre in ways few would have imagined. A definite must have. Watch the video for EP track River, then stream and buy You Were Never Really Here at the link below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Sediment Club: Stucco Thieves

Stucco Thieves is the new album from NYC band The Sediment Club, on Brooklyn indie label Wharf Cat Records. The nine tracks showcase the band's own brand of dissonant punk rock, crafted over their ten year history. This is jagged music, sharp enough to saw off a leg. Brash, unapologetic and in your face, the band takes punk to a more experimental realm, where convention is discarded for a vibe that challenges the listener and opens up the genre to a more avant garde mode the way early Lydia Lunch did. Grab your balls and jump right in. Stream and buy Stucco Thieves at the link below.

Lucy and the Rats: Lucy and the Rats

Dirty Water Records brings us the debut S/T album from London pop-punk band Lucy and the Rats. The ten tracks marry an edgy postpunk aesthetic with catchy pop songs to deliver an album that keeps your arse moving. Melodic and inventive, with an infectious vibe, sinuous vocals and enough twang to make Duane Eddy blush. This band has hit upon a winning sound. Stream and buy Lucy and the Rats at the link below.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Claude Munson: The Silence Came After

The Silence Came After is the sophomore album from Ottawa singer/songwriter Claude Munson. The nine tracks wander from uptempo indie rock, to progressive folk, all the while showcasing an accomplished musician, writing engaging songs and delivering a superlative listening experience. This is an album of stylistic depth, expressive phrasing and smart arrangements. An altogether strong album that is a definite must have. Stream and buy The Silence Came After at the link below.

Tom Wu: All You Want

Austrian indie label Cut Surface has released All You Want, the sophomore album from Munich synthpop stylist Tom Wu. With a dark vibe and a post-punk take on synthpop, Wu serves up an album that is original and enticing. The nine tracks are fitting for a heavy drug hazed night in the German club scene. Irresistibly sinister and inescapably intimate. Get your edge on, stream and buy All You Want at the link below.

Friday, June 15, 2018

NBTMusic Radio: Comets, Karma And Radicals Compilation

Here at FZB there is one internet radio station that is miles above the rest, NBTMusic Radio, curated by the irrepressible Martin. Now we can tell you that publishing a daily music blog is hard work, but that's nothing compared to running a radio station. NBT gives play to the length and breadth of the indie music community and is an indispensable place to hear all that is new and wonderful in emerging music. This new compilation, released to help fund station operations, is as good as it gets. With tracks by sixteen different artists that span the range of genres and styles that make emerging music great, NBTMusic Radio stands out as the premier purveyor of all this wonderful music. So you have only one mission, stick a crowbar in your wallet and pry out enough money to buy this compilation and keep NBTMusic radio on the air for a long time to come. The music you save may be your own. Stream and buy the Comets, Karma And Radicals Compilation at the link below. By the way, you can also support NBT by a monthly donation through Patreon like we do.

Gonzales Agreda / Pereira Spurr: Sudamérica Electro​-​Underground

Uruguayan musicians Wilder Gonzales Agreda and Gabriel Pereira Spurr have released the album Sudamérica Electro​-​Underground on Peruvian label Superspace Records. The three extended tracks are dark, spritely ambient music. Sounds right out of a video game or thriller video. Challenging to listen too and a bit of a discordant edge. Original and experimental, for those that seek a more unique musical experience. Stream and buy Sudamérica Electro​-​Underground.