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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Om Wahs: Death Western

Death Western is the debut EP from Austin band Om Wahs. The six tracks tread a fine line between post-punk and prog rock. What results is an interesting, if uneven, amalgam that at times sounds like inspired pop punk aesthetics and at other times like jam band pretentiousness. One wants to like this album, but the uneven tenor makes engagement difficult. What your left with is moments of excellence, interspersed with moments where the lack of discipline and direction make you want to hit the stop button. Overall a good example of why successful recordings have a producer, because what this record is missing is someone who had a cohesive vision. Stream and buy Death Western at the link below.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chemist: Reflect

Reflect is the debut album from Denver based band Chemist. The eight tracks are stylish altrock, that are heavy, moody and angsty. Like the preponderance of heavy altrock, this album stays close to the formula, never venturing into anything unique or original. With influences from Tool to My Chemical Romance, the band delivers a solid album that hits the mark for hard rock/EMO aficionados, but does little to try and lift the genre out of its tired doldrums of formulaic music. Stream and buy Reflect at the link below.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Bob Mould: Sunshine Rock

If indie and punk had royalty, former Husker Du and Sugar frontman Bob Mould would be seated on the throne. Mould is back with a new album, Sunshine Rock on Merge Records. The twelve tracks deliver everything one would expect from a great artist. The songs are raw, edgy, catchy and expertly crafted. Mould delivers up superlative vocals, lyrical depth and a sound as compelling as sex. Needless to say, the album is an absolute must have. Watch the Sunshine Rock Studio Session, then stream and buy Sunshine Rock at the link below.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Anda Volley: Spirited

Spirited is yet another new release from FZB favorite synthesizer auter Anda Volley. This track was composed for the short film Transmission 1: lady L. by filmmaker Alexis Karl. As is usual with Volley's work, we are once again privileged with her mastery of everything synth, and with her skill as a producer in full flower. Needless to say this is an absolute must have. Watch the film, then stream and buy Spirited at the link below.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Phog: Pronounced Fog

Pronounced Fog is the debut EP from Portland band Fog. The two tracks (one a 12+ minute extended work) are interesting blends of 60's psychedelia, noise rock and post-punk. What you get is a highly original sound that is raw, edgy and hypnotic. Slicing through the noise are pristine guitar sounds, a dark vibe and a stylish patina. This is a record that stands on its own as a work of art that transcends mere rock and becomes an almost sinister caricature of what music has become in this era of banal commercialism. Stream and buy Pronounced Fog at the link below.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Anda Volley: Arrival

Long time FZB favorite artist/producer Anda Volley is back with a devastatingly good new single and video Arrival. Volley is an artist of great musical maturity, plying her synths with a stylish reverence for originality and musicality. Her releases have moved from strength to strength, with ever imaginative electronic creations that entice listeners with compelling sounds and moody presentations. Watch the video, then stream and buy  the must have Arrival at the link below.

Monday, February 11, 2019

At Pavillon: Believe Us

Believe Us is the debut album from Vienna based At Pavillon on Las Vegas Records. The eleven tracks are something rare today, unique, original indie rock. There are a multitude of influences in the music. None stand out apart from the overall sound, having been meticulously subsumed into an original, cohesive sound that completely satisfies on every level. The album is full of catchy songs, compelling arrangements and engaging vocals. This is just a super strong record from start to finish and an absolute must have. Stream and buy Believe Us at the link below.

Friday, February 8, 2019

David Vassalotti: Guitar Dream

Brooklyn indie label Wharf Cat Records has released Guitar Dream, the sophomore album from David Vassalotti. The ten tracks are a delightful take on indie rock, with catchy sounds, well crafted lyrics and nice stylistic changes. The album is a bit dreamy, but not overly so and has a multitude of melodic guitar parts acting as a partner to the vocals. All this is paired with unexpected dynamic swings, heavy passages and engaging indie rock music that will satiate even the most jaded aficionado. Stream and buy Guitar Dream at the link below.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Stonerpop: Apollo

Apollo is the latest album from Louisiana based duo Stonerpop. The nine tracks are tasty synthpop, the makes its own path rather than regurgitating the Chvrches, Beach House stylings so prevalent today. Instead, the duo of Maudie Michelle and Jimmie Maneuva, serve up music that brandishes elements of 80's new wave, Nine Inch Nails synthpads and their own edgy, original take on electronica. With a vast array of guitar and synth sounds paired with Michelle's compelling voice, this is a must have album that should be in everyone's collection. Stream and buy Apollo at the link below.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

OX4: Turn Over

Israeli band OX4 have released a new single Turn Over. The track is an interesting and original take on eighties new wave stylings. With a sound that is club ready, a sultry atmospheric vocal and a glitchy, synthy guitar that is catchy all on its own. This is a band that evokes images that range from Blondie to Human League. The single is just cool. An engaging and a definite must have, which is likely to be on repeat till your battery goes dead. Stream Turn Over at the link below.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Adam Wendler: All Or Nothing

All Or Nothing is the new album from Berlin based Canadian indie folk artist Adam Wendler. The eleven tracks are smart, catchy folk music, with plenty of dynamic, melodic and stylistic variety. The songs have strong hooks, engaging lyrics and humable melodies. Unlike the overly pretentious music of so many current folk purveyors, Wendler delivers music that is light, fun and compelling. At its heart folk music is music for folks, for people to sing and get stuck in their head, not music of overly ego satisfying lyrics and self important statements of artist presence. It is refreshing to get a folk album that is for folks, where good music is its own statement and engagement is the reward. Stream and buy All Or Nothing at the link below.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Wrong Body: Benzo Edits

Vienna label Cut Surface Records brings us Benzo Edits, the debut album from Wrong Body, aka Dino Spiluttini. The 6 tracks are dark, synthpop, with Spiluttini's big baritone voice front and center. The vocals give the track a wholly original sound that recalls the days of classic lounge singer  blended with Joy Division's Ian Curtis. This is an album of depth and ingenuity, but also is not a record that will likely find wide appeal. Both the instrumental and vocals stylings are acquired tastes and will appeal to those that like their music both dark and catchy, but also adventurous and out of the box. Stream and buy Benzo Edits at the link below.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Simon Waldram: Life's Forgotten Dream

Life's Forgotten Dream is the Small Bear Records debut from Nottingham based singer/songwriter Simon Waldram. The track, which features backing vocals from Emzae, is an atmospheric dream pop piece, with drony synths and melodies that swirl in an ether of hazy music goodness. Small Bear Records is one of our favorite labels and this track is a good example of why. Stream and buy Life's Forgotten Dream at the link below.