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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Savak: Beg Your Pardon

Beg Your Pardon is the new album from Brooklyn band Savak. Featuring members of The Orbits, Holy Fuck and The Cops, the twelve tracks are unabashed gifts to the post-punk universe. This is an album of compelling, edgy music, that showcases musicians at the height of the collective powers. Stunning songs and arrangements, crisp production that preserves the raw authentic nature of the music are hallmarks of an album that engages on every level. A definite must have. Watch the video for album track Nature Erased, then steram and buy Beg Your Pardon at the link below.

Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors: Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors

Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors are back with a new S/T album on Greek label Inner Ear Records. The elven tracks are a nice blend of post-punk and garage rock to yield an album that is interesting and catchy. With a retro 60's guitar sound, in a thoroughly modern song context, the album is fuzzy and twangy. This is a solid album full of well executed songs, with some nice throwback touches. Watch the video for album track Fingers, then stream and buy Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors at the link below.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Vancorvid: Summon

Summon is the new track from Toronto experimental artist Vancorvid. This track is dark, avant garde and as a single track fails on every level. While we appreciate left field experimental music, singles are not the proper vehicle. This artist has released only two tracks, with over a year between them. For experimental music to find its small audience there needs to be more substance, longer format and more depth. As a single track there is nothing here that engages. If you yearn for art for art's sake, then check out this track, otherwise this is one to pass by. Stream and buy Summon at the link below.

Honey & the 45s: One On One

FZB favorites Honey & the 45s are back with a great new single track One On One. The Chicago band make sexy, sultry and totally engaging soulful rock. This new track is no exception, with lead vocalist Kristina Cottone belting it out with her smooth bluesy goodness. This is a band that is tight, accomplished and always pleasing. We hope this new track is a tease for a new album or EP. Only time will tell. Stream and buy One On one at the link below.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Crooked Ghost: Skeleton House

Skeleton House is the sophomore full length release from North Carolina band Crooked Ghost. The eight tracks blend a post-punk aesthetic, with a dream pop vibe to deliver an album that is atmospheric, dark and edgy. A raw sonic texture, gives over to melodic instrumental and vocal passages that display ample depth and artistry, while maintaining an angsty post-punk persona. This is an album that will drawn one in and continue to engage across repeated plays. A definite must have. Watch the video for album track Sleepwalker, then stream and buy Skeleton House at the link below.

Beauty In Chaos: Finding Beauty In Chaos

Finding Beauty In Chaos is an album like no other. Curated by L.A.guitarist Michael Ciravolo, President of Schecter Guitar Research and produced by Grammy nominated Ministry producer Michael Rozon. The album as a band includes contributions from members of The Cure, Cheap Trick, Ministry, The Mission, The Offspring, Van Halen and many more, with Tish Ciravolo, Daisy Guitars founder, providing vocals on the track Look Up. As one might expect, what you'll hear across the fourteen tracks is a rock masterpiece of epic proportions. This is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Finding Beauty In Chaos at the link below.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Tunnelvisions: The Celestial Ritual

The Celestial Ritual is the sophomore album from electronic duo Tunnelvisions, on Netherlands label Atomnation. The eleven tracks take the listener on an electronica journey through the instrumental stories of eleven mythical chieftains. The tracks are original takes on synthpads, arrangements and textures. With a nice beat throughout to keep things moving, the tracks are club ready, while still being musically inventive and interesting. This album will appeal to those into EDM, house and a wide array of electronic forms. Stream and buy The Celestial Ritual at the link below.

Sparks Fly From A Kiss: The Swell

After more than a decade in limbo, Sparks Fly From A Kiss release their 2005 recordings, The Swell. The ten tracks are dense, heavy shoegaze, with nice melodic touches and an edgy noisey vibe. This album is one of those lost gems that surface occasionally from bands that were mostly overlooked when they were active, but should not have been. This is a great collection of songs that have it all, a dark sheen, strong hooks, deep fuzzy aesthetic and are powerful yet intimate. To say this record is an absolute must have is an understatement. This is absolutely a band you should know and turn others onto. Watch the videos for album tracks I Can't Sleep and Hot Garbage, then stream and buy The Swell at the link below.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Bear Paw: Something More

Something More is the new EP from London folkrock band Bear Paw. The five tracks tend more to the rock side than the folk and are nice and twangy. The songs are catchy lyrically and move right along with a driving beat. Compelling arrangements and harmonies finish off an EP that is likely to live on repeat. This is music to listen to when you're going somewhere and need a musical companion to share the ride with. Just a good, fun record. Stream and buy Something More at the link below.

Morrison: Heart On Fire

Heart On Fire is the new single from Miami based singer/songwriter Megan Morrison. The track will grab you by the cajones and not let go. It is one part Mitski, one part Polica and one part Evanescence. Put that all together and you get a heavy, melodic burner, with a dense sonic vibe and powerful vocals. There's a sultry darkish feel and the whole thing is a perfect vehicle for this singer, model dancer. This is Morrison's first single since her debut EP with the band Dorothy's Surrender two years ago and we can't wait to hear more. Stream and buy Heart On Fire at the link below.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Burning House: Mirror Song b/w Peach

Mirror Song b/w Peach is the new single from UK band Burning House. The two tracks blend a noise rock aesthetic, with a dense shoegaze bed, to deliver a sound that is all encompassing. With a nod to bands like Swervedriver and the Jesus and Mary Chain, these two songs are compelling glimpses of their long awaited album, Anthropocene, due in early 2019. This is a great band, delivering two tracks that have it all. Stream and buy Mirror Song b/w Peach at the link below.

LeBarons: Summer of Death

Summer of Death is the debut full length album from Toronto altcountry band LeBarons. The album is produced by Canadian music stalwart John Dinsmore (Great Lakes Swimmers, Elliot Brood, Kathleen Edwards) and Cone McCaslin. The eleven tracks are arousing, stylish, collection of goodness from a band deep in vocal, lyrical and instrumental chops. This is an album so good it makes you happy to listen to it, with plenty of variety and a compelling sound that will see this becoming a staple on anyone's earbuds. This is a definite must have. Stream and buy Summer of Death at the link below.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sandro Manzon: Visual Snow:

Visual Snow is the debut solo album from Canadian singer/songwriter Sandro Manzon. The fourteen tracks bath the listener in superlative progressive folk that is melodically complex yet accessible, instrumentally varied and stylistically adventurous. Few albums of such length can deliver throughout, but there is no filler here. This is an album by an artist fully realized in his vision and showing a musical maturity the belies this as a debut release. This is an album of both breadth and depth, and is a definite must have. Watch the video for album track The Ivy Trees, then stream and buy Visual Snow at the link below.

Fredrik Kinbom: Songs for Lap Steel and Harmonium

Berlin based artist Fredrik Kinbom has long been an FZB favorite and continues to impress with his new album Songs for Lap Steel and Harmonium. The eleven tracks are an avant garde vision into progressive folk music. With unique song structures, imaginative instrumentation and arrangements, Kinbom explores the fringes of Bohemian musings. Dark and unexpected, the tracks play out like musically choreographed literary pieces of poetic explorations from the edge. This is an album of originality that takes chances musically and lyrically, once again exposing Kinbom as an artist of depth and vision. Watch the album trailer, then stream and buy Songs for Lap Steel and Harmonium at the link below.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Evi Vine: Sabbath

Sabbath is the new single release from London based artist Evi Vine. The track, which features guitar work from The Cure's Simon Gallop, is a dark, heavy masterpiece. With a dense, foreboding yet sultry vibe, the song is reminiscent of Portishead at the height of their powers. This is the first track we've had from Vine's debut album, to be released in February, 2019. If this track is representative, the al;bum will be a dark masterpiece of hard shoegaze, that will likely be on repeat for a long time. Stream and buy Sabbath at the link below.

Dizzy Spells: Dizzy Spells

Dizzy Spells is the S/T debut album from the Ontario based band. The six tracks are a unique view on indie rock, with a highly original sound and unexpected songfroms. The band has an interesting take on melody, with lines and voicing taking unexpected turns at every opportunity, weaving to and fro with reckless, yet methodical abandon. Blending some jazz influences and arrangements, while staying firmly rock, the band shows extreme depth of chops and taste, delivering a debut as good as any we have heard. One might expect Yes to have sounded this way if they were born a new band today. This album is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Dizzy Spells at the link below.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Rhy Dongju: Animalistic U/Dystopia

Seoul based avant garde artist Rhy Dongju has released his new album Animalistic U/Dystopia on Lian's Den records. The album, totalling eighteen tracks, is a gigantic sounding exploration through electronica and experimental guitar. The album has a darkish sheen, some foreboding shadows and an orchestral vibe that permeates each piece. This album has a huge concert hall sonic landscape, which begs to be turned up to totally encompassing levels. Rich with aural depth and interesting melodic elements, this is a highly original work that remains interesting and engaging through repeated listens. A must have. Stream and buy Animalistic U/Dystopia at the link below.

Buildings and Food: Quick Beat Save

Quick Beat Save is the debut album from Toronto based Buildings and Food, aka electronic artist Jen K. Wilson. The eight tracks have an absolutely wonderful unique and original sound. Wilson's music is glitchy and electro, but also has a close allegiance to indie rock and pop, rather than delivering another mundane synth pop album. This is an artist that shows she is a highly creative and unafraid to think out of the box, She crafts music that is at once unexpected, familiar, engaging and compelling. Serving up a debut this good, leaves us wondering what more we are going to see from this superlative artist. A definite must have. Stream and buy Quick Beat Save at the link below.