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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Withershins: Aeriel

aeriel Cover Art
The Withershins debut (and only) album, Aeriel was released in August of 2009. While the band is still an active part of the Champaign, IL music scene, one wonders why the long hiatus without any follow-up recording. Nonetheless Aeriels is a record worthy of attention. Straddling the precarious ground between shoegaze and post-rock with just a touch of emo, the album serves up both bare rock and lush indie landscapes, as on Pygmalion or Giant Flying Panda. The 12 songs are catchy and the guitars show a range of textures from clean pop to heavy fuzz.  Rather than a feeling of individual tracks, I was drawn into the album in its totality, with each track being an invitation to the next.  This is indie music at its best. Here’s hoping that another album is in the works and that Aeriels is the prelude to a new musical statement from the band, rather than a swansong to what could have been. Stream the album or download for only the exchange of your email address at the link below.