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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fura: Mustela Putorius

Mustela Putorius Cover Art

Spain is a country that blends many cultural influences into what is immediately recognized as uniquely Spanish. The same can be said of the Spanish instrumental quartet Fura. Taking influences from classical music, post-rock, metal and shoegaze, the band crafts the 3 songs on their debut EP, Mustela Putorius, into a sound unique to them. The music is heavy, with a dark patina that creates nothing less than a tone poem for the listener to traverse. The tracks conjure a comparison to Tool in that they are musically both simple and complex at the same time, begging for the mindful participation of the listener. Mustela Putorius is a virtuosic journey into music that is distinctly Fura. Stream and download the EP at the link below.