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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lexie Trip: Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel Cover Art

Cain and Abel, the debut album from Chicago's Lexie Trip is a hard edged no nonsense rock record. Stradling post-punk, hardcore and shoegaze, with an slight influence of blues thrown in Lexie Trip surpises with the format. While there are many duos plying their wares in indie music, Lexie Trip has a unique twist in that they are a drummer and a bassist. Obvious limitations of this setup aside, Lexie Trip put out solid tracks that sound complete. There is nothing missing. Heavy fuzz and effects on the bass give it the edge to replace a guitar, while still providing a bottom to keep the tracks together. The music is true to minimalist hardcore and just drives ahead without gimicks. One can envision that this music will just kick complete ass live, because it certainly does on record. Lexie Trip are everything good about heavy hard driving punk sensibilities. Stream and download Cain and Abel at the link below.