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Friday, April 8, 2011

Para Siempre: Hysteria

Hysteria Cover Art
Hysteria is the third album from Para Siempre, another mysterious musical entity. Through some Google searching managed to come up with an email address and made a request for info. Got an equally cryptic response. Para Siempre is the solo project of an 18 year old named John, who lives in San Ramon, CA. To quote John, "Super boring place. So i make music to entertain myself. uh. I mean. i guess thats all there really is to say. I play guitar and bass on the songs and use a drum machine." We'll that's not really all there is to say. The music is the best of the lo-fi aesthetic. Muffled, distorted, pop songs that work track after track. The music is mature beyond John’s years and are just fine on every level. Hope others pick up on this music as it deserves a wide audience. Would love to see him at the Scion Garage Fest, or opening for Wavves or Times New Viking. Stream the music and download Hysteria and the other Para Siempre albums for free at the link below: