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Friday, April 15, 2011

Youth Castles: Sight Seeing

Sight Seeing Cover Art
Youth Castles are a new band/solo project based out of Brooklyn, NY. Not much information to be had on the "band" except a vague reference to this being a solo bedroom DIY project. Youth Castles have posted 5 tracks to their Bandcamp site since January. The latest is Sight Seeing. What is served up is a heady mix of out there vocals and dream pop instruments that mesh together well with a light lo-fi production. Psychedelic and warm, the song lofts along while at the same time managing to challenge sonically. There are hints of a 6 song EP coming soon. Keep your fingers crossed, Youth Castles should deliver some more music to eagerly waiting ears. You can stream and download Sight Seing for free at the link below, as well as being able to download the rest of Youth Castles music.