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Friday, May 6, 2011


DAD Cover Art

DAD is the self-titled album from Vancouver musician Crystal Dorval. Not sure if this is a side project to her My Friend Wallace incarnation or whether DAD is her new main project. At any rate, the 12 tracks provide a wealth of dreamy, fuzzy lo-fi music. Jangly guitars, way out back vocals, heavy doses of reverb and an active drum machine comprise the sonic landscape here. Instrumental hooks keep things somewhat interesting, but at the same time there's not a lot to hang on to. Fuzzy lo-fi guitars and obscure layers only get you so far. One wonders if there isn't more to be had from this artist. It would be especially nice to hear some actual vocals instead of the indistinguishable chants, oo’s, aah’s and purrs that make just another obscure layer. This is an OK album, but not a great one. DAD leaves me undecided about whether this is an artist to take seriously or just another bedroom project that should remain in obscurity. Decide for yourself, by streaming and downloading DAD at the link below.