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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Race of Robots: Race of Robots

Race of Robots Cover Art

Race of Robots is the self-titled debut album from the Washington D.C. trio of Zach Holmes, Coby Nida and Thomas Oliver. The ten tracks are built on minimalist beats, Hall and Oates vocal styling and a penchant for chillwave chic. Smooth indie textures are teamed with hooky guitars for a sound that is familiar to any aficionado of the music of Washed Out, Puro Instinct, Panda Bear or Neon Indian. The main difference with Race of Robots is a reliance on guitar layers, rather than building up the songs as sample heavy retreads. The unmistakable R&B feel and psychedelic leanings blend to make music that is interesting and enjoyable. Stream and download Race of Robots at the link below.