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Monday, July 11, 2011

Coyote Clean Up: Double Trouble Deluxxxe


Whether the tag chillwave turns you off, or the tag indietronic turns you on, the genre led by producer/artist Washed Out is hear to stay. Of course any use of genre implies more than one practioner and Coyote Clean Up is our pick for the next big thing. This is laid back, lo-fi textured, minimalist ambient, psychedelic induced music at its best. Double Trouble Deluxxxe is the massive 32 track debut from the Detroit based artist. This album is luxurious, with every track moving over you like so many fingers massaging you into a deep, blissful dream state. This album is a must have and this artist is deserving of the support needed to produce more. Stream and buy Double Trouble Deluxxxe at the link below.