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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Babes: Open Swim

Open Swim Cover Art

As you've probably noticed it's summer and the blogosphere has been all about summer bands and songs. So in keeping with that, presented for your approval is Summer Babes. Open Swim is the debut full length from the Seattle garage rockers. Now being from Seattle puts quite a bit of pressure on a band to live up to an unimaginably large heritage. Summer Babes step right up to the challenge. Open Swim serves up 11 tracks of straight up guitar driven, hook laden, garage rock. The songs range from radio alt rock, to 60's retro, to riffy power pop. Through it all Summer Babes stay true to the garage band genre and never stray from a garage feel worthy of Hunx and his Punx or Gentleman Jesse and his Men.  Open Swim is an album to get you through the long hot summer. Stream and download Summer Babes at the link below.