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Monday, August 22, 2011

Beat Culture: Goldenbacked Weaver

Goldenbacked Weaver Cover Art

For most people, being 17 years old means enduring massive high school drama.. To Beat Culture, aka Sunik Kim, it means making some of the best new chillwave/electronic music out there. Since he started making music in February of 2011, Beat Culture has been quite proliific with an album of remixes, two EP's and now his first full length release Goldenbacked Weaver. The 10 tracks are more experimental than his previous work and are also highly original. This is serious music that shows a musical maturity well beyond his years. Beat Culture is destined to become an important artist and is a must listen. Don't be surprised to see him in my year end top 10 picks. Stream and buy Goldenbacked Weaver at the linkl below.