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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sun Glitters: The Wind Caresses Her Hair

the wind caresses her hair Cover Art

Luxembourg artist Sun Glitters, aka Victor Ferreira, is back with the track The Wind Caresses Her Hair. I reviewed the Sun Glitters Cosmic Oceans EP back in April and since then there has been a steady flow of new tracks appearing on the Sun Glitters Bancamp page. The Wind Caresses Her Hair is a lush, lo-fi, chilwave track featuring sampled vocals by Deborah Lehnen. Sun Glitters is at the forefront of dreamy shoegaze music with this track, that is delivered through tight electronic passages propelled by swirling synths and a heavy synth bass. Sun Glitters is an important artist that, like Blackbird Blackbird, should be signed to one of the larger indie labels. Again, a call to Sub Pop, Matador, Fearless, etc. to wake up and take notice of these great artists. Stream and download all of the new Sun Glitters tracks through the link below.