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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Release Day for The Paradox Illusion

The Paradox Illusion Cover Art

Today marks the release of my second solo electronic album, The Paradox Illusion. The ten tracks are equally divided with half vocal and half instrumental. The tracks range from dark ambient on Enceladus, After Hours and the noise oriented Dadaist Echoes, to the house influenced Traffic and City Lights. Electronica is the influence on Psychogenic Fugue, At The Gazebo and Hiding Under The Stairs. I take a more dream pop, chillwave direction on Arcade Games and M-Brane Wayz. A limited number of free downloads are available by clicking buy and entering 0 in the Name Your Price box. I have a brand new Facebook page to go with this release. Please visit it by clicking on the Facebook link under my bio in the upper right corner of my Bandcamp page. Please help me out by hitting the Like button on both my Bandcamp and Facebook pages. The link to my Bandcamp page to stream and download The Paradox llusion is below.