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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Religious Girls: Midnight Realms EP


Some bands are prolific in their output, some are not. With their second EP, Midnight Realms, Religious Girls fall into the latter group. Midnight Realms gives us just two songs to go with their 4 song EP from 2009. This latest EP delivers a chill pop sound that features layers of vocal harmonies over minimal synths and percussive beats. There are no real lyrics, just "ahs" used as a focal layer for the music.Midnight Realms is a very good record, however it is nothing earth shattering. I say this because, with an output of two songs after a two year wait, one would expect the tracks to be monumental. Religious Girls are a fine band, but they need to release more material, so that unrealistic expectations of greatness brought on by such a minimal output of material doesn't hinder their acceptance. Stream and buy Midnight Realms at the link below.