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Friday, February 24, 2012

Boy Friend: Egyptian Wrinkle

Egyptian Wrinkle Cover Art

Egyptian Wrinkle is the new album from Austin based Boy Friend, aka Christa Palazzolo & Sarah Brown. The duo have made two tracks, Bad Dreams and the title track Egyptian Wrinkle,  available for preview from the 10 track album. This strategy is, at best, out of step with today's world of streaming and download. Far fewer people will order a complete album when they have heard only two tracks, but I digress. The tracks themselves are darkish, lo-fi, reverby dreampop. The melodies are haunting and draw the listener into a web of beautiful airy vocals. Minimal instrumentation and beats give more of an ambience than an actual accompaniment. It's the vocals that are the focus. The two tracks certainly leave one wanting more. Stream the two tracks and order Egyptian Wrinkle at the link below.