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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sam Gray Singing: Songs About Humans

Songs About Humans Cover Art

Songs About Humans is the debut album from New Zealand, by way of Norway, by way of Austria, artist Sam Gray Singing. Besides the unique music to be found on Songs About Humans, there is also an interesting backstory. It seems that all of the music for the album was recorded in 2001when Gray was a student. After languishing for over a decade, the album was found by FZB favorite and Raw Onion Records owner, Jacob Faurholt (Crystal Shipsss). Faurholt signed Gray and had him put vocals to the tracks, yielding the album we have today...Cool. Far from being dated, the album is a prescient look into the future. The eight tracks are a great example of the recent trends of indie/classical/alt rock fusion. However, the album is much broader than this, incorporating elements that range from Radiohead to Oscar Peterson, to Metalion. This is an album to appreciate artistically and that pushes the boundries of musical thought. Stream and buy Songs About Humans at the link below.