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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Evenings: Unreleased Collection EP

Unreleased Collection Ep cover art

Virginia shoegaze artist and FZB favorite Evenings, aka Nathan Broaddus, is back with a new EP titled Unreleased Collection. According to the artist, the EP is comprised of "tracks that were around, but never made it anywhere." The six tracks are inventive shoegaze, with plenty of lo-fi textures, reverby guitars and glitchy beats. In some ways the tracks sound like bits and pieces, but yet stand on their own as works of merit and add to the depth of Evenings previous two releases Lately and North Dorm (both reviewed on FZB, do a search to see). I always appreciate when artists give insight into their creative process and this is what one has with Unreleased Collection. Stream and buy the EP for just $2 at the link below.