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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flooshime Zipper Boots Top 20 of All Time
#20 - #11 least since FZB started. July is almost over and for many school starts in a couple of weeks. Here at FZB, we have reviewed near 400 albums since we started the blog and have had a wonderful summer of great new music. To commemorate this, we have compiled the Top 20 albums on FZB since we started. The rankings were determined by our readers based on page views for each album. Today we have #20 - #11 and tomorrow will feature #10 - #1. So here we go with the bottom half of the Top 20 Albums of All Time on Floorshime Zipper Boots:

#20 - Lullatone: Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures
#19 - Peter Kernel: White Death & Black Heart

#18 - Mirrors: This Year, Next Year, Sometime...?
#17 - Cassie: Something You Always Wanted To Hear
#16 - The Woozies: The Cassette Tape
#15 - Through A Glass Darkly: Be My Guest EP
#14 - Motel Beds: Sunfried Dreams
#13 - Sun Glitters: Cosmic Oceans
#12 - Crystal Shipsss: Yay
#11 - The Swerve: Taken Apart