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Monday, November 5, 2012

Concert Review: Lindsey Buckingham Solo

Last night at the Performing Arts Center at Johnson County Community College, I had the privalege to witness An Intimate Evening With Lindsey Buckingham. This was just as the tour title implied, Lindsey Buckingham performing solo in a small thousand seat theater. Of course Buckingham is known for his important contributions as part of Fleetwood Mac. There is another side of him though that is sometimes overlooked, he is probably the greatest finger style guitarist to ever grace pop music. This virtuosity was never showcased better than in seeing him solo, ripping up a myriad of different guitars, creating a huge sound around his powerful vocals. After four decades in pop music, Buckingham has lost none of his prowess. More than that, he has stayed vital as an artist. The concert drew heavily from his most recent solo album, with Buckingham throwing in just enough Fleetwood Mac songs to satify the urge for old favorites. The chance to see this great artist in an intimate setting on this tour should not be missed if he comes to your town.