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Friday, July 5, 2013

Beach Vacation: Maritime EP

Maritime EP cover art
The Maritime EP is the debut release from Washington State band Beach Vacation. First off, must say that bands named Beach "something" is getting pretty old. Pretty soon it will be a web meme, you know, Beach plus what you had for dinner, or the car you drive is you band name. OK, got that off my chest. Regardless of the foregoing, Beach Vacation deliver a strong debut effort with catchy pop songs full of vocal and instrumental hooks. This is the kind of jangly dreampop that, when done right like this EP, you never get tired of. The quartet of Tabor Rupp (Rhythm guitar), Justyn Newman (Lead vocals/guitar), John DeAvilla (Drums), Tyler Burnett (Bass) have delivered a real winner. Stream and buy the Maritime EP at the link below.