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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mr. Kito: Where Are The Lizards?

Where Are The Lizards? cover art
Here at FZB we present emerging music from all over the world. Every region has it's own character and influences. The depth of the music we find is stunning. Today, we have South Africa based French artist/producer Mr Kito, aka Eric Michot. His new EP, Where Are The Lizards, sees release today. The six tracks represent some of the most original music out there. Mr Kito channels new wave influences, with both rock and pop shadings, ranging from heavy guitar to ethereal synths, framing crisp vocals and intricate harmonies. The songs themselves have a quirky character that can be both sweet and enticing, as well as sinister. Stylistically, Mr Kito is equally hard to pin down. Our best take is think early Talking Heads and Television paired with Serge Gainsberg. A definite must have. Stream and buy Where Are The Lizards at the link below.