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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Arrange: Their Bodies In A Fog

Their Bodies in a Fog cover art
Portland based dreampop artist/producer Arrange, aka Malcom Lacey, first appeared on this blog in May of 2011. In the intervening time, counting reviews, an interview and best of lists, he has been featured on this blog more than any other artist. Though showing early promise with a couple of very favorable reviews in Pitchfork, Arrange has seen wider recognition of his music remain elusive. It has been a year and a half since there has been a new album, but now that wait is rewarded. Lacey has returned with his most ambitious work to date, the eleven track masterpiece, Their Bodies in a Fog. Retaining his trademark platform of angst, Lacey has nonetheless matured thematically, musically and as a producer. The album spans the depths of artistry, creating sonnets so compelling that one is awestruck by the emotions displayed. Need we say, this is a must have. Stream and download Their Bodies In A Fog at the link below.