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Friday, March 21, 2014

Nanaki: Afterlight

Afterlight cover art
Afterlight is the new EP from experimental rock instrumentalist Nanaki. The solo project of Postcode guitarist Mikie Daugherty, the five tracks range from post-rock warmth to dynamic rock anthems. Like most instrumental rock, this EP suffers from the limitations of the medium. While the guitar work is masterful, by limiting the instrumentation to the traditional sounds of a rock band, the EP comes off as missing something. Much more musical ground could have been explored with the addition of synths and other instrumentation. This EP is a homage to a fine musician and his abilities, however it misses the mark as a work that will appeal to those outside of the realm of musicianship for its own sake. Watch the video for the track 'Regretfully, I Must Decline Your Invitation' and then stream and download Afterlight at the link below.