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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Vagoos: Rehearsal Room Demo 2014

Rehearsal Room Demo 2014 cover art
A question comes to mind...when is a demo not a demo? One obvious answer is, when it's punk rock...and so we have the Rehearsal Room Demo 2014, the debut EP from German punk band The Vagoos. The six tracks are a perfectly recorded, lo-fi, live energy take on a band that shows, when all the excess is stripped away, that punk lives as it always has, by the demo as a finished product. This EP has everything one needs to appreciate The Vagoos music; unadulterated, pristine snippets of punk authenticity. So, when is a demo not a demo? When it's the perfectly crafted debut by The Vagoos. Stream and download Rehearsal Room Demo 2014 at the link below.