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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bad Blocks: Weekday EP

Weekday EP cover art
Our friends at Stars & Letters Records in Brooklyn have become the go to U.S. label for great overlooked and under supported New Zealand artists. Label chief Mark Roberts made valuable connections during university there and we are all the recipients of a stunning selection of artists. Now we have Bad Blocks and their debut EP Weekday. Stars & Letters are re-releasing Bad Blocks' debut EP eighteen months after the fact, giving the band the kind of PR support and label backing that builds an audience and a career. Originally, the EP was self-released by the band on Bandcamp late in 2012 (when Bad Blocks were still called South City Sushi Cop).  The music is great, the concept is great and Stars & Letters continue to show how a small indie label can make a difference. Stream and buy the Weekday EP at the link below.