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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Repeat After Me: Mapmaker

Mapmaker cover art
Bay Area band Repeat After Me are back with their sophomore album, Mapmaker. Finding incredible new music has always been our raison d'etre at FZB and  this quest could not be fulfilled better than by this album. The band of Rob Kassees, Aaron Levin, Tom Monaghan and Eric Murriguez have done something particularly noteworthy on this record. Namely, they have taken all the best elements of 70's rock, stripped away the pretense and overindulgence, and remade it stylistically into a stunning contemporary album. What results is an album full of compelling instrumental work, tight vocals and a production feel with real depth thanks to recording the album analogue on two inch tape. This album is an absolute must have. Stream and buy Mapmaker in various formats at the link below.