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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tyson: Casio Fiasco

Casio Fiasco cover art
Casio Fiasco is the debut solo album from Guelph, Ontario artist Tyson. The ten tracks are a genre defying collection that show a songwriter unafraid to merge disparate styles and influences. Tyson gives us tracks that loosely range in sound from Broken Social Scene to Gogol Bordello and sites influences from  Harry Nilson and Timber Timbre to Matmos and Philip Glass. While the album is a good showcase of the artist's depth and musicianship, that is also its weakness. It lacks a contemporary feel and the tracks don't seem to stay with you when they're finished. This record stands more as an artistic statement, rather than something one will find themselves picking to listen to for entertainment. Stream and download Casio Fiasco at the link below.