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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen: A Funeral for Rock & Roll

FZB usually doesn't post on holidays, but today we use Thanksgiving here in the US to tell you about something special. Our friends at NYC label/collective Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen are have a special show... A Funeral For Rock N' Roll. Here are some very prescient words from them:
Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen has read the writing on the wall, and has decided to throw a rowdy and joyous Funeral for Rock & Roll on December 6 at Aviv. Don’t miss this one!
2014: A hobbled record industry. A spectacularly diffuse and confused audience spread evenly across the imponderably vast internet. A music culture that is both increasingly marginalized and segregated by genre and social grouping. The ultimate commercialization of SXSW and CMJ, with no new avenues to discover and support new music. It’s enough to make the music-makers tear their hair out!
Recording studio, musician’s collective and all-around anarchic force Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen has an idea: Let’s kill rock & roll as a concept once and for all, and flush the baby out with the bathwater, so that as musicians, listeners and people we can finally be free of all its attendant limitations, cliches and hang-ups. Let’s trash the bloated bag of bones, so that we may finally be reborn. Let’s usher in a new age of innocence, where music can be worshipped as the infinitely complex beast it is, and the only impediments to our musical explorations and experimentations are at the walls of our own imaginations!
Mama Coco’s will be throwing a New Orleans funeral for that beloved but mortally wounded old master on Dec 6 at Aviv, Brooklyn’s newest and finest DIY music venue. Headlining the show is psychedelic-folk legend and lawless force of nature PETER STAMPFEL, revered for his electrifying performances and for his groundbreaking work with the Holy Modal Rounders. Rounding out the bill are 5 more of MCFK’s finest: the riotously thrilling THE BROOKLYN WHAT, post-R&B weirdos THE GRAVEYARD KIDS, psychedelic rabble-rousers GOD TINY, neo-folk nomad LIAM and scuzz-rock heroes SKINNYBONES.
There will be a communal, moaning jazz freakout to close the night, and much pomp and circumstance throughout. We humbly request your attendance at the funeral. 
A Funeral for Rock & Roll
with Peter Stampfel, the Brooklyn What, the Graveyard Kids, God Tiny, LIAM and Skinnybones
@ Aviv (496 Morgan, Brooklyn NY)
$7 at the door