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Monday, December 8, 2014

Snooker Emporium: Snooker Emporium

Snooker Emporium cover art
Snooker Emporium is the self-titled debut album from this Montreal based experimental pop band, on Halifax indie label Poncho Records. The eight tracks are an exploration of psychedelic music as a more extended art form. The record is a dichotomy of expression; at times flashing with brilliant passages and otherwise appearing as a thoroughly pretentious exercise. This is clearly a band with a gifted musical vision, that is unfortunately lost in their self-absorbed need to appear as great auteurs, rather than being satisfied to make enjoyable pop music. For those into psychedelic retro indie music, this record will appeal to some and will completely put off others. Listen for yourself. Stream and buy Snooker Emporium at the link below.