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Friday, February 20, 2015

Talk, Tired Thanatoid: Sunflowers Bitter As Ocean Water

Sunflowers Bitter As Ocean Water cover art
SoCal indie rockers Talk, Tired Thanatoid have released their debut album, Sunflowers Bitter As Ocean Water. Inspired by 90's emo and math rock, the duo of Zackary Kiebach and Arden Klawitter blend Ben Gibbardesque vocals with melodic guitars and punchy drums to good effect. There are a couple a complaints about this record, in that the changes seem disjointed at times rather then having the tightness that really makes a band stand out, and the record could benefit from crisp production and mastering. Those aside, this is a group that shows promise and their debut is enjoyable throughout. Stream and download Sunflowers Bitter As Ocean Water at the link below.