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Monday, February 9, 2015

Various Artists: Brokern Hearts Broken Sounds

Broken Hearts Broken Sounds cover art

North Carolina based indie label, Silber Records, has released a new compilation Broken Hearts Broken Sounds. Put together by Michael Wood, who has been a veteran of the music scene in the Carolinas for almost 20 years, running venues, record stores and record labels, being a music journalist, and of course being a musician.  He currently is working with bands to help book tours & Broken Hearts Broken Sounds showcases some of the eclectic bands he's working with from shoegaze to experimental pop to post punk to Americana.  A few names on the comp should be familiar to longtime Silber fans - Remora, Electric Bird Noise, Feel No Other, LoveyDove, Miss Massive Snowflake. Stream and buy Broken Hearts Broken Sounds at the link below.