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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Nursery: She Speaks The Wave b/w Hexes and O's

She Speaks the Wave - 7" Single cover art
Toronto based indie band The Nursery have released a new single She Speaks The Wave b/w Hexes and O's. The tracks are rocking affairs with an early 80's feel of driving guitars, creative synths and inspired vocals. The band has released a video for the first track which uses a unique combination of stop-motion, time-lapse and live-action to explore notions of temporarily and ephemerality. Images of degradation and destruction are juxtaposed with rebirth and reconstruction in tranquil colour palettes create the uncanny aesthetic that challenges perceptions of time and time-based mediums. These disparate sequences fluidly merge into one another; exposing a liquid narrative that echoes both the musical and lyrical content.  Watch the video and then stream and download She Speaks The Wave b/w Hexes and O's at the link below.