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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love Cop : Dark Ones

Dark Ones cover art
Portland, Oregon's Love Cop have released their new album Dark Ones on Gnar Tapes. Using lo-fi recording equipment to capture its guitar, keyboard and electronic drumpad-centric creations, Love Cop's ballads sound as if they’re originating from a David Lynch movie or an exceptionally bizarre '80s public access show. On the duos 5th release, they stray further away from garage rock and breezy pop lablemates, infusing the album with the sounds of early industrial, noise, and electro music, as well as a blissfully warped take on R&B. Somber and sullen within its hopelessly romantic aesthetic, even when the duo chooses major chords and uplifting tones, its eerie vision creeps through.  Stream and buy Dark Ones at the link below.