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Friday, March 11, 2016

Ric Gordon: Walk Away & Braggers: Be My Friend

Walk Away cover artBe My Friend cover art

To mark FZB's 5th birthday, we have a two single releases from our parent label Russian Winter Records. The first is Walk Away, by artist/producer Ric Gordon. The raw post-punk track is an edgy protest song that paints a stark picture of where America finds itself now, as a country of corporate greed, elitism, blatant racism, discrimination of LGBT and older people, and an out of control police. The second, Be My Friend is the new single from garage punk artist Braggers. Lo-fi and more pop than previous releases, this track sees Braggers exploring realms that meld together influences from Roxy Music to Wavves. Both tracks are must haves. Stream and buy Walk Away and Be My Friend at the links below.