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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Buh Records: Visiones de la catástrofe

BR78 Visiones de la catástrofe - Documentos del Noise Industrial en el Perú (1990-1995) {Sounds Essentials Collection Vol 5} cover art

Ok, we have something very different for you today. Peruvian label Buh Records has just released Visiones de la catástrofe, an exploration of Peruvian noise music fro 1990 - 1995. The eleven tracks are an avante garde exploration of noise. with a varied and interesting sonic spectrum, the record is a fascinating look at noise music in a place unlikely for those of us in North America or Europe would be unlikely to discover. This album is admittedly not for everyone, but afficianados of noise, will find it an interesting addition to their collection. Stream and buy Visiones de la catástrofe at the link below.'