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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Digster Wednesday Playlists

Today we start a new weekly feature Digster Playlists. We have partnered with the Digster Music Blog to feature their playlists every Wednesday.  Every week we will feature links to different playlists from Digster, representing a wide range of genres, as well as special playlists from major artists and playlists featuring music current in different countries. This weekly feature will give our readers access to a much wider selection of music and we think you'll be excited by the range and depth of the playlists we feature. Check out this week's inaugural playlists below. Enjoy!

This week's inaugural Digster playlists are everything indie. What you'll find are great playlists that include: Toe Tappin' Indie, Ultimate 2017 Festival Guide, Music You Should Know, Indie Covers, The In Sound and many more great indie playlists.  Get them all at the link below.