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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nova Flares: Gut Splinter

Gut Splinter is the debut single from Kentucky artist Nova Flares, aka Jason Wagers. The track, from a soon to be released EP, is twangy, shoegazy, rock, with a touch of psychedelia. Unfortunately the track is instrumental, as we assume the EP will be. Instrumental releases work well in the expansive mediums of electronic music, however in the confines of guitar driven rock, they have failed to flourish. For us there is always a simple reason, the recordings sound unfinished. We listen, waiting for the vocals to come in, only to get more jangle or roar. This recording shares the same fate. With a limited melodic palette and instrumental range, one wonders why the artist chose the instrumental format, rather than finding a lyricist and singer? The track is fun for a listen, but has no lasting appeal. Stream and buy Gut Splinter at the link below.