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Friday, April 27, 2018

Basement Revolver: S/T and Audiotree Live


Today we give you two releases from a truly great indie rock band, Basement Revolver. First up, Label Obscura is doing a limited vinyl reissue of the band's S/T debut EP. These four tracks define a band with a post punk sound so important that it defies mere platitudes. This may well be the best pure band since Joy Division. These tracks are so compelling, so emotionally powerful and totally perfect that one cannot allow themselves to stop listening. Next, we have the rare treat of a release of the bands Audiotree live performance, where the perfection of their live sound has no equal. Both of these releases are absolute must haves, more than that, this is a band that you are required to spread to all you know. Watch the video for the Audiotree Live performance, then stream and buy both releases at the links below.