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Friday, April 20, 2018

System Corporation: Apathy Is Easy

Apathy Is Easy is the new single from New Zealand band System Corporation. This track is a ravishing look at how great contemporary indie rock can be. With a vibe that expertly recalls the heady days of Ultravox, the band delivers a single track that is as alluring as modern music gets. However, therein lies the rub. The track is aptly titled, with an unintentional nod to the band's own musical identity, where they released one single track in April 2017 and now a year later, we have another single track. Given that this is a side project for some of the band, the lack of more than two singles a year apart could be explained away, but for the fact the music is unimaginably good. This then does a disservice to listeners, who should rightly want more, but have to live with a meager output from the band for which apathy is easy. Stream and buy Apathy Is Easy at the link below.