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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Money & King: There Are So Many Ways To Be Alone

There Are So Many Ways To Be Alone is the sophomore album from Brooklyn band Money & King. The ten tracks are an interesting and original mix of styles and influences. With an overall retro vibe and lush harmonies, one can hear touches of The Turtles, Beatles, Bee Gees, CSNY, and thankfully not the Beach Boys. This is an album of adventure and experimentation, where commercialism is sacrificed for art, yet the songs have a distinct pop tenor and flow easily across the ears. There is very little here that could be classed into any modern genre. Instead you have a band stretching the boundaries because they can and succeeding in showcasing imagination and chops. Wtach the video for album track Midtown then stream and buy There Are So Many Ways To Be Alone at the link below.