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Monday, July 30, 2018

Bijou Noir: We Are Alone Together

GIVE/TAKE Records has released We Are Alone Together - the debut album that Minneapolis-based Bijou Noir, aka Augustus Watkins, spent ten years recording, perfecting, and producing all across the world.  He calls it a breakup album - breaking up with an entire state of being.  While largely energetic and upbeat instrumentally, the vocal delivery traverses lands playful, sultry, suspicious, accusatory, and dismal; which gives an interesting juxtaposition until the accompaniment temporarily takes a dark turn about halfway through the album.  Crafty melodies and mysterious hooklines and lyrics characterize his sound.  Just when you start to think you can anticipate his next move, he throws a curve-ball that draws you back in.  Stream and buy We Are Alone Together at the link below.