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Friday, July 27, 2018

Rainbloom: Thought Streams

Rainbloom, a Japan-based duo signed to Step Pepper Records, recently released their debut album Thought Streams, an electronic fusion of jazz and hip hop with lots of spinning sounds and glitchy beats. The first half of this album features pretty groovy beats and hooks, but the hooks aren't repeated enough to really get stuck in anyone's head; maybe that's the point, reflecting back to the album title's implications.  That may also explain the largely indecipherable lyrics floating around in the songs, similar in style to Melody's Echo Chamber.  Seemingly randomized sounds characterize the second half of the album.  Rainbloom have left themselves some room to develop musically as they show potential with creative ideas in blending styles, however this first album feels a bit caricatured and cliche.  Stream and buy Thought Streams at the link below.