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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Foreign Films: The Record Collector

Back in January, we reviewed the first side release of the coming triple album vinyl release The Record Collector, by The Foreign Films, aka FZB favorite Bill Majoros. That side one landed Foreign Films #3 on our Top 10 Artists of 2018 So Far published on the blog the last Friday of June. Now we have the entire triple album and Majoros has delivered a project who's style and musical depth match the hugeness of this 31 track extravaganza. In this age of single song releases, not many artists would have the balls to release such a massive collection, yet alone have the songwriting and musical chops to actually carry it off. Majoros has climbed a musical Mount Everest and firmly planted the Foreign Films flag on the summit. This is an album for the ages and an absolute, absolute, absolute must have. Stream and buy The Record Collector at the link below.