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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Two Meters: Two Meters

Indie label, Very Jazzed, has released the debut S/T EP from Florida based Two Meters, aka Tyler Costolo. The five tracks are dark, reverby and challenging to listen to. The vocals have a noisy cacophonous sheen, that creates a tense discordant feeling in the listener. This is out of keeping with the music which could see a more reasoned vocal treatment making this an engaging release. As it is, we just don't get it. The vocals are unlistenable and destroy the EP. The label has been hyping this EP with repeated press releases for like 3 months and then they deliver a work whose only distinction is that it is the first release that this blog has called just a plain bad record. With so much good emerging music out there, this is one to avoid. Stream Two Meters at the link below.