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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Sage: Sage

Sage, an Ontario-based band signed to Restroom Records, has released their S/T debut full-length LP.  These guys are a 90s-leaning lo-fi fuzz-pop band, somewhat similar in style to Swervedriver.  Gritty vocals and dirty harmonies backed by progressive instrumentalists characterize their sound, and they really do have a sound they can call their own:  quite a bit like 90s rock, some grunge to it, definitely lo-fi, fuzz pop.  These guys are no cookie-cutter band, and it wouldn't be easy to stuff them into any one particular category. Sage proclaim to love "noisy pop songs," and that's what they're good at!  Watch the official music video for EP track Fuss, and then stream and buy Sage at the link below.