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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[aftersun]: Pain Sounds EP

Pain Sounds EP Cover Art

[aftersun] is the solo project of Brooklyn native and ex-Telltale member Stephan Cherkashin. Pain Sounds is [aftersun]’s debut EP and the follow up to the Goodbye single released in January. This EP provides an abundance of fine musicianship, weaving strands of heavy guitars with darkwave and ambient textures into a shoegaze journey through  cavernous tracks. The barely there vocals set the mood, with minimalist drums serving to provide just enough movement to keep the tracks going forward. Balancing all of this is no minor feat and Cherkashin makes it seem effortless. Each track reaches out to the listener to become more compelling than the last, until the EP is finished and one feels compelled to go to the beginning and start the journey all over again. This is very simply shoegaze at its best. Stream and download Pain Sounds at the link below: