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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boring Girls: Boring Girls Mixtape (Side A )

Boring Girls Mixtape (Side A) Cover Art
Punk is a word overused in today’s musical vernacular. Punk was an attitude, an ethic, a lifestyle. That was the late 70’s, but what is punk today. The answer to that question is…Boring Girls. Unlike many bands today that wear their punk label like so many posers at a political ball, Boring Girls is the real thing. Angry, loud, in your face music that is lo-fi even for lo-fi.  Boring Girls are Ollie Kane, Dan Smith and Maxwell Tait from Cambridge, UK. These three serve up a sound that is true to the memory of the punks that went before them. Raw, compelling and evocative, this is music that is meant to be heard and preferably at a decibel level that brings pain. Boring Girls Mixtape (Side A) is the debut EP from a band destined to take punk into the future, while staying true to the past. Stream the EP and download it at the link below, or we’ll all come to your house and kick your arse: