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Monday, May 16, 2011

Boy In A Bear Costume: Poor Frisco EP

Poor Frisco Ep Cover Art

The Poor Frisco EP is the debut EP from Kansas City quartet Boy In A Bear Costume. The EP features four tracks of fuzzy lo-fi garage music that brings to mind images of Times New Viking and Cloud Nothings. The vocals by Katie Ford are definately the strongest thing about the tracks with an interesting timbre and some unique phrasing. Ford's singing really carries the record and the EP is worth recommending just for her. The songs employ some cool time changes, but these get overused. Generally the EP could benefit from more inventive instrumental parts. The musicianship is uneven at best with the bass and drums not up to the same level as the guitars. The tracks Wannabe and Boy In A Bear Costume come the closest to putting it all together, but the time changes seem thrown in just for the sake of being there and both songs would benefit from a straight delivery. All in all this band shows promise, but they could certainly benefit from working with a good producer. Check Boy In A Bear Costume out for yourself at the link below.